GP-1 Driven Racing Oil


Give yourself the best lubricants to protect your investment. Based on our studies, this is our oil of choice for roller cam setups.  We like this product for a couple of reasons:

1.) This oil has built in detergents to prevent contaminants from mixing into the oil.  Instead of methanol mixing in and breaking down your oil, this product protects your oil and keeps your engine clean. You’ll see the difference when you cut open your filter. The oil should be cleaner, and the filter itself will be a dirtier than normal if you’re used to competitor oils.

2.) This high performance Pennsylvania grade synthetic blend oil is advertised to run 15% cooler, which means that your oil will last much longer. Gone are the days where you have to change your oil every 800 miles on a turbo charged application. With the right oil, you should see a much longer oil life.



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Motor Oil, GP-1, 10W30, Semi-Synthetic, 1 qt Bottle, Each

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