Double Adjustable G-Body Shocks- Complete Front/Rear Set


Having problems hooking at the track? G-body shuffling, again? If so, it may be time to invest in a nice set of double adjustable shocks. These shocks will give you the adjustability to be successful on any track surface, and after your track event, you can turn the knobs to put the car back on a comfortable setting. Go from track mode to comfort mode in seconds. This is the same valving used on #1CleanT and we’ve found a lot of success.

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These shocks can be installed within minutes, and they are a direct replacement for the factory shocks. No modifications needed. If you’re looking to improve your ride comfort, and improve your track hooking capabilities, while maintaining the stock springs, then this is your answer. Free tech support included with the purchase of your shocks. We want to see you win!


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