Break In Oil – Driven BR30


You want the piston rings to seal instantly, right? This oil provides excellent ring sealing, and does not require additional ZDDP additives.

Here’s our recommended process for breaking in your brand new engine.

  • Use BR-30 oil for the first 30-45 miles of driving.
  • Next, drain it all out to remove any engine assembly contaminants out of the engine.
  • Next, refill engine with fresh BR30 break in oil. Use this fresh oil for another 400 miles, then drain it out again. When breaking it in, hit it with moderate boost. This will help seal your rings.
  • From there you can consider the break in period complete, and you’ll want to start using our HR2 oil if you have a flat tappet cam set up, or our GP-1 oil for roller cam setups.

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